ARJA HOSPITALITY is a leading purveyor in Turkey for custom decorative lighting and wood furniture for the hospitality vertical, competing handily in price and quality against leading Spanish and Italian commercial furniture manufacturers. Our offering has expanded to include ceramic dinnerware, ceramic floor-coverings, custom, tufted carpeting, five-star bath-towels, bedsheets, mattresses, and drapery - all manufactured specifically for hospitality clients. Founded in 1947 under the name Şenyüz Abajur, and with offices in the UK, USA, Turkey, and UAE, our storied portfolio boasts the most prestigious clients in the verticals of restaurant, hospitality, civic, institutional, multifamily, luxury marine, and royal palaces.

Employing old-world artisanal craftsmanship, coupled with best-in-breed European automation technologies, ARJA HOSPITALITY leverages a pride in workmanship that forms the undercurrent of Turkish manufacturing culture, enabling us to meet all volume requirements, from boutique commercial projects, to enormous 2,000-room resorts.

Such hallmarks underscore the exigencies of vision, eye for detail, and quality for our restaurant, hospitality, and high-rise clients.

Our footprint of custom lighting and furnishings spans the globe, including the Emirates, Sa'udi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, France, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Algeria, Libya, Tanzania, Mexico, Iraq, Equatorial Guinea, and more. Our distinguished lighting can be found in the lobbies, ballrooms, corridors, bedrooms, bathrooms, terraces, pool areas, night-clubs, conference rooms, common areas, and dining areas of the most prestigious edifices in our territory. From the smallest of sconce, table lamp, or wall-grazer, to enormous, ballroom-spanning chandeliers, we have limitless capabilities for size, scale, and volume to realize your design visions.

The ARJA Light executive team combines over forty years of aggregate experience in the high-end lighting and furnishings market, from product conceptualization, environmental lighting design, fixture design, prototyping, and fabrication. With manufacturing based in the Turkish cities of Istanbul, Canakkale, Bursa, Denizli, and Inegol, we leverage a centuries-old culture of world-class craftsmanship across a spectrum of old-world disciplines and materials. Certified, commercial-grade foams and mattresses, 50,000 to 500,000 rub-cycle materials, and high duty-cycle finishes, coupled with standard QA/QC processes, form the closed loop of unparalleled elegance, durability, and performance in high-traffic environments. We work with all manner of metals, glass-blowing, ironwork, upholstering, welding, brazing, die-casting, mould-forming, woodworking, finishing and detailing, and leverage cutting-edge materials and technologies including polymers, alloys, RGBA and color-tuned LEDs, dichroic films, Autocad, 3D Modeling software, 3D printers, and the most advanced American and European automated fabrication technologies.

If your client has seen a luminaire or article of furniture that they like, but have a limited budget, we can provide input to improve and enhance the design and affordability, without compromising the quality, materials, or robustness of the final product. Our quality and attention to detail rivals the top designers and manufacturers, and yet we are quite competitive in price against known, reputable manufacturers in China. When employing LED technology, we enlist components and materials from only the most trusted and proven manufacturers on the market, ensuring consistency, longevity, robustness, quality, and predictability of light performance.

We are a UL-listed facility, yet we can also ship lighting products with all manner of safety certifications, including TUV, SASO, and more.

We work closely with our clients and the end-user to fulfill their goals of: refining the design objectives, fulfilling their budgetary and time constraints, complying with relevant codes and regulations, meeting the client's desired sustainability targets.

Through this high-touch process, we produce lighting and furnishings that are, at once, meticulously crafted, of unparalleled quality, safe, robust, and budgetarily very competitive.